Last night I read the Samson and Delilah story with my feminist Torah study group.  The parallels between this Torah story and America today are frightening, including the misinterpretations of the story. Generally, Delilah is spoke of as cunning, a con woman who tricks Samson into telling her his weakness, which she then conveys to his enemies for pay, and Samson is temporarily brought down.

However, in reading the story, we see that Delilah is actually not conniving at all. Repeatedly, she asks Samson to explain what would take away his strength. Repeatedly, he lies to her, then she does everything he says will make him weak, and when he wakes up, she truthfully tells him that his enemy is lying in wait for him. She's pretty damn blatant that she's selling him out. So if Samson can't figure out that this person wants to betray him, that is his responsibility. He only hears what he wants to hear; he's hardly a victim. Eventually, this leads to him telling her the truth, being captured, and eventually having his revenge by killing everyone.

I'm reading a lot these days, too, about a slick con man who deceived American voters. But like Delilah, Trump is not cunning at all. He is obvious about his lack of intelligence, qualifications, skills, and ethics. America as Samson voted for him because they heard what they wanted to hear. They heard messages of jobs that could magically be recreated, messages of hate, scapegoating, and fear. And like whatever Delilah offered Samson to get what she wanted, Americans decided they'd rather believe the lie that he'll make things great.

Trump voters are not innocent victims of a con man. They have leaned against the pillars of America, and are bringing the structure down. I will not be sorry for them when they are crushed by bricks of democracy they decided to destroy.