It is Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), and I lit a Yahrzeit (memorial) candle for my grandfather's relatives and said the Mourner's Kaddish for:

Pesha Rajsman Yitgadal v'yitkadash sh'mei raba b'alma di-v'ra Doba Srodogora chirutei, v'yamlich malchutei b'chayeichon Beila Srodogora uvyomeichon uvchayei d'chol beit yisrael, ba'agala Tema nee Rajsman and her unknown husband and children uvizman kariv, v'im'ru: "amen." Estera nee Rajsman and her unknown husband and children Y'hei sh'mei raba m'varach l'alam ul'almei almaya. Aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives whose first names I don't even know Yitbarach v'yishtabach, v'yitpa'ar v'yitromam

I can only say the Mourner's Kaddish for them in a group because I don't know when or where they died. v'yitnaseh, v'yithadar v'yit'aleh v'yit'halal sh'mei Because there is no one else left to say it. d'kud'sha, b'rich hu, Because even though I never knew them, I keenly felt their absence. l'eila min-kol-birchata v'shirata, tushb'chata Because they were loved by someone I loved dearly. v'nechemata da'amiran b'alma, v'im'ru: "amen." Because his loss was so enormous, he could never bring himself to speak of them. Y'hei shlama raba min-sh'maya v'chayim aleinu Because they are lost among so many others v'al-kol-yisrael, v'im'ru: "amen."

Because I don't want them to be forgotten Oseh shalom bimromav, hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu v'al kol-yisrael, v'imru: "amen."