While working, training for a half marathon, and seeking representation for my novel set in Warsaw in the 1930s, I was hit with an idea for a second novel. (Really, a third novel since a lot of the material I cut from my original idea for my Warsaw-Chicago novel is a partial second novel, but whatever.) The new novel involves adoption, the Lubavitch community in Crown Heights, and triplets born in London in 1910. This means: RESEARCH! Good god, I love research. I am very excited to be in a research phase again. The nice thing about this research is that it is also primarily dealing with documents in English. (Much easier for me than Yiddish and Polish, since I speak neither of those languages.) Plus, I love London.

The triplets born in London in 1910 who form part of the family saga are actually my husband's grandmother and great aunt and great uncle. The only thing better than research in general is genealogical research. Especially when records actually exist. (Major problem I have with finding information about my grandfather and his family in Warsaw: no records left after the Nazis destroyed not only the people who lived there, but their paper documentation, as if to erase this world completely.)

I'm super excited.