My friend Nancy sent me a link to a post about a woman in Australia who is shoving yarn up her vagina and knitting a scarf from it. I watched the video. I was mostly grossed out by it. Yarn seems like a horrible thing to shove into a vagina (or any body cavity for that matter). It's not even the part about getting her period on the yarn that bothers me most, although bloody yarn also seems icky, no matter what the blood source is. No. What I keep fixating on all the flyaway threats that come off various yarns and how she is going to get an infection. Seriously, how is that not going to happen? Whenever I wear a scarf, there is always some sort of fluffy cast off. I am worried for this woman's health.

Why, people? Why must we engage in creepy weird projects to in some convoluted effort to make vulvas "not scary?" Because I actually think that shoving things up your cooter to show that it is not scary is, in fact, pretty scary. We don't seem to do this with other body parts. Eye sockets, for example, are a little creepy. I don't (fortunately) see people randomly insert things into their eye sockets in some effort to make them less ooky.

On the flip side, I thought I caught a glimpse of some pubic hair, so good for her for keeping the natural wool while utilizing other wool for her scarf. But still. I think this definitely ranks as a don't-try-this-at-home idea. *shudder*