Character name: Motel RajsmanSex: Male Age: 18 at start of novel, 28 at end Appearance: tall, dark hair, green eyes, dimples, slightly large ears, muscular; handsome and striking Education: left school at age 13 to become apprentice in a kosher butcher shop Vocation: kosher butcher Socio-economic status: Poor, living with his mother in a semi-slummy neighborhood Ethnicity: Polish Jew Diction/Accent: Polish Yiddish Relationships: son of Pesa; brother of Estera, Tema, and Doba; brother-in-law of Abram, Chaim, and Yitzchak; uncle to Malka and Pinchas; boyfriend of Bronia and Magda; friend of Shmuel Places: Krasinski Park; Pesa's flat; Bronia's room in a boarding house; Bronia's parents' flat; Iron Gate Square; Magda's flat; Shmuel's parents' flat; streets of Warsaw; Zionist headquarters; Doba's flat; Shmuel's father's shop; restaurants; movie theaters Possessions: clothes, religious books, later a radio Hobbies: gambling, smoking, flirting Obsessions: Halakha, debate over Jewish law Beliefs: torn between his family's Hasidic traditions and his desire to practice Judaism in a way he finds less hypocritical, and also allows him to pursue a more secular life Politics: apolitical Sexual history: Has a sexual relationship with Bronia, then Magda Ambitions: to live a comfortable life and to provide for his family; to have a girlfriend Fears: that he will lose his family; also afraid to leave his Hasidic ways entirely behind Attitudes: "copes" with difficult situations by joking; challenging because he can't settle entirely in the Hasidic world or the modern world; always striving and working hard on a scheme to make money; concerned for his family's well being