I grew up a Cubs fan. Therefore, it was not a difficult transition when I moved to New York and fell in love with a Mets fan to begin rooting for the Mets. Sure the Mets have far more recent success than the Cubs. But it's the same idea: once in a while, the team looks amazing, and I forget to expect disappointment and get caught up in the moment. Then everything falls to shit, and there is no championship. Maybe next season, I think to myself. For four nights this past week, the Mets rose above their current lackluster level of patheticness to triumph over the highly successful Yankees. It was really amazing. It was a sweep no one expected. Of course, falling into the trap, I began to get really excited. Maybe this was the turning point! Maybe this ragtag team of scrappy players could pull it together and bring triumph to Queens! I couldn't wait for the next few games.

And... then they went right back to their sad sack losing streak. Sigh. I'll stick with my team, though. One day, the victories will come through the end of October.