I lost the art of blogging. When I began blogging all them years ago, I blogged more than once a day. I was trying to build a community, and that's what I supposed to do. I loved it. Writing on a regular basis was great. I had lots of things to say, and I found blogging to be a perfect vehicle for snarky, sarcastic writing. When I look back at my posts from those early years, they crack me up. Blogging regularly also made me more serious about writing. The problem with becoming more serious about writing is that I stopped using a stream-of-conscious style. This led to less snark, which made things less funny to read. Plus, as I grew more serious about writing, I started writing about generally less easy to mock subjects, like my grandfather's family being killed in the Holocaust. Sure, I'll make really horrible jokes about abortion, but not the Holocaust and my family. Hence it was kind of less fun to blog.

A lot of other unpleasant things happened that further slowed my blogging, and even made me not want to blog. I'm a navel-gazer blogger - I write about what is going on in my life. But sometimes that involves other people whose stories are not mine to share. I have a hard time holding back (as many of you know), so I just couldn't blog.

Plus, I am burned out on politics. They just depress me too much at this point. Weren't we supposed to be making progress now that Bush is gone? I am glad that Romney and McCain didn't take office, but geez. Every day is a new punch in the face. It's really hard to make fun of at this point. Except abortion jokes. If I ever lose my sense of humor about being a baby killer, folks, I really will move into a cave and hang with the bats. I hear that bats love killing the innocent unborn as well.

The other problem is that I have facebook and twitter, which generally allow me to express myself more succinctly. It kind of ruined my blogging ability. I can take the same topics I used to bitch about here on CUSS, but write one of two sentences and be done. Blogging requires (to me, anyway) paragraphs. Paragraphs require time and energy. I am not so good with either of those these days.

Still, here I am. I may be days or weeks late in approving comments (I am going to try and improve on that, starting with not assuming that there are no comments and therefore no need to check my CUSS email), but I'm glad to be here, continuing to gaze at my navel, thinking about writing, wishing I was still a funny writer in the breezy way I used to be, and plugging along. I'm super glad that I somehow still am allowed to be part of a blogging community.

Now that I had this little brain dump, maybe I will finally fall asleep. That would be awesome.