Since I am incredibly boring now, and only write about writing, eating, and running, my first post in two months will be about eating. And running. I find the two are closely related. When I eat better, I run better. Funny how that works. Since I want to run better, I've been attempting to eat better. This all brings me back to Swim Bike Mom's Boost & Burn Plan. It was formerly a two part diet plan. The first three weeks were designed to burn fat, and the next phase was to boost metabolism on an ongoing basis. At least I think that's what Phase II was about because I am relying on my memory, which we all know is terrible. The plan has been consolidated into one big plan now.

I was kind of bummed about this because I thought Phase I, for all its faults (which I outlined two posts ago and am too lazy to link back to, sorry), was pretty damn incredible. I lost weight quickly. Being a bit lighter, plus eating more efficiently, made me run much, much faster. I really wanted to do Phase II and see where it took me. Long story short, when I contacted Swim Bike Mom for the advertised discount on the new plan, she agreed to share it with me if I would re-review it. She said that all my criticisms had been addressed in the new version.

She was right. The new plan is incredible. It is very detailed. I got lots and lots of recipes, most of which I will not use because if I am too lazy to link to a post I wrote, then I am certainly too lazy to cook something for myself. This is why I also love the plan - you can do a lot of cooking with these tasty recipes, but if you hate cooking and are a lame-ass like me, you don't need to and you will still eat well. This is genius. Serious genius.

The new plan also gives a lot of information on meal planning, which is great. I know what to pair together, how much of it, and when to eat it. Again, a big beef I had with the previous version is addressed. Fabuloso! Plus, there are a gazillion more smoothie recipes and snack ideas. I am obsessed now with Arctic Zero. Obsessed.

The author says that the first week is very hard, but I still found it fine. I wasn't hungry for the most part. There was plenty of food. If I was hungry, I just shoved more veggies into my maw. Sometimes this zapped my hunger because the thought of eating another fucking vegetable made me want to cry. Sometimes it was because eating lots of veggies actually does quell hunger. Either way, it is effective.

Speaking of being lazy, I still hate that I have to print it myself (82 pages!!!), but I guess that's the way publishing works these days. I console myself by not printing all of it, but just the pages I want to write on or take with me so I remember what the hell I am eating and when.

I haven't lost more weight, but I also have not needed to. I've been off the wagon a bunch of times. It's easy to climb back on. This is great because when I follow the plan more closely, I really do have greater workouts. I love this. it's what fitness is about: being healthy and being able to do your best at things. If I am a little more slim as a result, great.

My bottom line is that The Boost & Burn program is a pretty amazing plan for being fit and healthy. I'm so glad to have found it. (The veggie growers of the world are probably happy, too, since I never used to buy their products and now my basket is full.)