Good things about for me in 5773, this new Jewish New Year that began Sunday night. I started a new job last week, and I am loving it. I have not said something like this in years, if ever. I also have an essay that was accepted for publication by Freshly Hatched the online lit mag of Freerange Nonfiction. I am not going to try and pretend I am not balls out excited by this. As soon I it is published, the link will obviously be provided. I also really, really love this: When was the last time I posted about unshaved snatch? I don't know. But this towel cracks my ass up. I say just add a little fur to the legs, and it's perfect.

Speaking of unshaved snatch, I love this article by my online friend Alyssa Royce about why she chooses to not have pubic hair. I'm all for ladies to determine for themselves what they do with and to their bodies, so even though I will never, ever go that route, good for her for doing what is best for her. My big opposition to the whole hairless thing is the pressure that is put on women go pube-less or be deemed disgusting, dirty freaks. (I may in fact be a disgusting, dirty freak, but not because I have pubes.) However, I'll not judge a woman for her decision so long as she leaves me the fuck alone about mine. (That said, I will judge the fuck out of men who pressure ladies to remove pubes when they themselves don't feel the need to subject themselves to wax, razors, lasers, whatever on their genitalia. And don't give me that shit about shaving one's face counting. It doesn't.)

Here's to hoping that 5773 continues to bring good things. L'shava tova and g'mar chativa tova!