My aunt, who was a dedicated teacher serving very low-income children in the Chicago area before she retired this year and is now an amazing activist to preserve quality public school education in the face of the insane attacks of the right-wing (and even super left-wing) nutters, sent me a link to a post by NYC Educator. NYC Educator had the privilege of interviewing Micah Lasher, the voice of Students First NY on Twitter. (Students First NY is a group that somehow believes that eliminating teachers' unions will magically solve all the problems in public education.) Here's what my pal had to say:

"It's our policy to mischaracterize union positions, but to do so in a straightforward fashion... Furthermore," Lasher continued, "the attack on Campbell Brown is overtly sexist. Brown is a woman, and it's clear that anyone who criticizes her must hate women. Furthermore, Brown is a parent, so anyone who questions her motives hates parents too."

So, it seems that it is the policy of Students First NY to lie so that people will endorse their position. That sort of says something about how not compelling their arguments are to most people. Pretty much when I want to convince people to agree with me, I just lay out the facts. I don't need to alter the information. It speaks for itself, and if it doesn't, well, then maybe whatever I am arguing should not be done. Right? How is lying to get your outcome ever acceptable?

The next statement is so over-the-top hilariously fucked up I'm not even sure I should bother saying anything. however, it reminds me of a disturbing conversation I had recently with a friend who is a "socially liberal" Republican. After I fretted about three horrendous laws that are severely restricting women's access to abortion and birth control services (and if you ever want to meet a group of people who outright lie to get people to vote their side, just check out the anti-choice movement, but that is another story...), he told me that there is no Republican War on Women because some of the Republicans who passed the evil laws were women.

Really? If I have learned anything in my 36 years on this earth, it is that women often do things that hurt other women, but benefit themselves. Period. The idea that women cannot perpetrate harmful acts against women is ludicrous. Same goes for parents.

I suppose if all this were true, there would be no need to "mischaracterize" other people's statements and actions "in a straightforward fashion," would there be? Actually, just reading that they think they can misconstrue what was said or done and call it straightforward would be hilarious if this was not the predominant mode of nutjob political discourse these days.