I went to the BlogHer12 conference today, which was awesome. It made me think I should re-post my very first rant, from way back on Oct. 19, 2005. My stance has softened slightly since then, but you know how it goes. Far be it from humble unstylish little me to suggest that the New York Times Style Section is lagging on their trend reports, but in a Sept. 1 article titled “Skin Deep: The Revised Birthday Suit,” they breathlessly reported that significant numbers of women are opting for totally bald crotches, or if not totally bald, then certainly having large tracts of hair ripped out so they can look “sexy.” Please. Cosmo has been reporting for years that men prefer women with little or no pubic hair. Brazilian waxes went mainstream along time ago. Which, quite frankly, scares me. What on earth would make a woman spread her legs wide in front of a cosmetician, allow her to smear hot wax into her vagina, and then have all her hair ripped out? This sounds like something the US government might institute as a torture tactic in Abu Gharib. (And they could easily justify it by noting it can’t possibly be torture if gazillions of American women voluntarily have this done all the time.)

No, it is scary and wrong to me. For goodness’ sake, pubic hair exists for a reason. We lost most of our body hair during evolution. We lost our tails. We grew taller. So what’s left seems to have a purpose. And we need our pubic hair! Think of pubic hair as vagina eyelashes – they stop bad things from getting inside during sex and causing infections. Pubic hair is our friend.

I’m not sure how we so quickly arrived at this hairless situation, but it’s arguable that it is the popularity of g-strings, thongs, and other revealing bikini bottoms and underwear that led to the widespread (ha ha) acceptance and even expectation of shaved beavers. Fair enough, but I’d say that if your cooch hairs are hanging out of your bikini bottom, the solution is not to have them torn out of your vag and butt, but to get bigger bottoms. Think of pubic hairs as an organic warning system of sorts. It’s Mother Nature preventing you from humiliation by telling you to put on some clothes because you look obscene.

Let’s face it: female genitals got the nicknames pussy and beaver because they are furry. And who wants a hairless cat? No one. Having a hairless cat doesn’t even help if you are allergic to cats since the problem is with the dander, not fur. Feline pussies with fur are nice to stroke. Hairless cats are freaky. The same goes for human pussies and beavers, my friends.