For the past ten or so days, I have been "watching" the Olympics. By "watching," I mean that it tends to be on in the background while I work on my freelance gig (for some reason, I seem to power through grant proposals with the Olympics on); I sort of watch it while I run on the treadmill (dressage was the least motivating "sport" thus far); it plays on the TV while I read a magazine or email or Facebook; and once in a while, I give it my undivided attention (gymnastics). Now that I admit that I am not really focused on the games, I say this: what the fuck is with the bathing suits? For both American men (divers, anyway) and women, the cuts of the bathing suits are hideous. I have held my breath on more than one occasion. One slightly wrong move, and either labia were going to pop out or penises burst forth. There is not a chance that these athletes aren't waxing or shaving their pubes down to nearly nothing, if anything at all. The suits barely allow for genital containment, let alone hair on genitals. I find it extremely disturbing.

I'm not saying that bathing suits are generally pube friendly (hence my love of board shorts), but the high cut crotches on the women's suits and super low, low, low waists on the men's suits just seem over the top. I am waiting for the porn soundtrack to crank up. Whoever is responsible for these suits should totally design costumes for sex-movies. That would be awesome.

This is a gold medal level fiasco.