My aunt wondered why I had not blogged about the incident in which two female lawmakers were censured for saying the word "vagina" when speaking up for abortion rights in their state capitol. In part, the reason was because everyone who cares about reproductive freedom and rights already blogged about it, and I had nothing to add. Lately, this is why I have not been ranting about all the horrendous bullshit that is happening around reproductive rights, particularly abortion access. For a long time, very few people were saying bupkes, so speaking out was important. Now, the attacks on reproductive freedom are so fucking egregious that people finally woke the fuck up and are writing all kinds of important things. So while the attacks on liberty are evil, the response is good. However, I came across a story in The Forward that moved me to write on this topic again. To sum up, some egomanical, self-important terrible people have decided to waste $20 to $40 MILLION to build an “International Pro-Life Memorial and National Life Center." There are multiple things about this that infuriate me and make me want to barf:

1) For people who pretend to care so much about life, this is a lot of money that could be spent helping children access food, decent housing, and a good education, among other basic necessities for, oh, I don't know, life. In a time where Congress is cutting food stamps for poor families and other social safety net shreddings are happening, maybe spending all that money on a crazy-town memorial on how valuable life is might be hypocritical.

2) I can't believe that I am quoting a woman from Operation Rescue in support of my argument about this things monumental uselessness, but here goes: “We have a memorial here for the preborn at our office but it is not good enough for him” said Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor at Operation Rescue. “Frankly, no one has ever come here and wanted to reflect on the baby they aborted.” Do you know why that is? It's because most women (not all, of course) DO NOT REGRET HAVING ABORTIONS. So a ginormous place sponsored by people who essentially killed a doctor who provided abortions is not likely to attract anyone except other crazies who spout rhetoric that might get a pro-choice person killed.

3) It has a fucking replica of the Western Wall. The Western Wall? As in the sacred Wailing Wail that Jews visit in Jerusalem? Yes, that one. And why would it be part of a psychotic anti-choice jerk off monument? Oh, obviously because of the Holocaust. You know, the Holocaust that people remember at the Western Wall? No? I don't know that either. As in the "Holocaust" of unborn, innocent souls? Right - the one in which the anti-choice people equivocate the decimation of a people - living, breathing people who had connections to others, and emotions, and developmental stages that made them what we normally recognize as people - to the termination of an embryo or fetus by an individual for a personal reason. Guess what? I find this appropriation of the Holocaust and a crucial site of my religious heritage to be about as offensive and disgusting as is possible to be.

Hence, I felt compelled to write about abortion. You can also read an essay I wrote about abortion in Magnolia Journal.