When I visited CUSS this morning, I was shocked to see that my last post was from almost two months ago. Craziness! Literally. So much has changed. I was under enormous pressure at work for a variety of reasons and really miserable. I hadn't worked on my novel in a month.

Now I'm no longer at my job. I finished Part I of my novel (the part set in Warsaw in the 1930s). Some friends who read it gave me wonderful feedback, and although there is still work to be done to make it as strong as possible, overall it works. It works! I'm so excited about that.

I spent time with my family. I took a freelance job and am volunteering. I outlined Part II of the novel, wrote a few pages, and made more edits to Part I. I had some job interviews. I turned down a job that I thought would make me miserable even though it paid a lot. (I learned a lesson from the past three years: I should not just take a job with lots of red flags because I am afraid that there will be no other opportunities.) I am on track to get a job in a field that is important to me and at which I think the management is smart and interesting. (Fingers crossed on that...)

It is really night and day. There are still a lot of not good things happening in my life, there is some uncertainty about other things which should hopefully be resolved soon and in a positive way, and the political situation in this country is so abysmal that there's nothing original to say, but overall, at the moment I'm happier than I have been in months. Really, I'm happier than I have been in years. It's new and refreshing and I like it.