My awesome friend sent me this picture via a friend of hers near Covington: Flier depicting atheists as gruff goats

When I first saw it, I thought two religiously-themed phrases, "Holy shit!" and "Sweet Jesus!" (Of course, I really thought, "Sweet Jesus, what the fuck is this?" but that's another story.) The flier is yet another reminder of how disturbed some people in this country are, and a tangential reminder of how many of them vote.

As a Capricorn, I take umbrage to the idea that my grumpiness is caused by my lack of belief in God. Please. Do not offend me with such nonsense. Also, my tendency to "lash out" is far more directed toward adults who try to "witness" me rather than the children who are brainwashed by them. It's not the kids' faults. Finally, I love the statement that atheists goats think we "got it all figured out" but are "always so sad." Yes!

What's interesting about the flier is that it tells kids not to talk to atheists. I think the real reason they are not allowed to speak with us is that they might find out that the info on the flie might be a wee bit o propaganda: most atheists probably don't have cool blue robes.