Years ago, when I worked to help develop child care facilities to serve low-income children, I frequently pondered the problem surrounding the need for funding. Once Husband sarcastically mentioned that the programs should get the children to make macaroni art and then sell it on etsy. That led me to this idea: New York City is a hub of the art world. We have all sorts of prestigious and/or edgy galleries and auction houses. What if a child care program teamed up for a cool fundraiser? First, the program could get the parents to agree to "donate" their children's works of art (made as part of the program's activities) to the program. The program and the gallery/auction house would stage a show, with the art houses tapping into their client list for attendance, which would be really awesome and inspiring for the kids. Then people would buy the kids' art, which would also be tax-deductible because they are donating the proceeds to a children's program.

How fun and cool would that be? I've suggested this idea in an off-hand way in some financial management classed that I taught, but no one ever took me up on it. I hope that some day I get to attend a show like this.