Two posts ago, I wrote about my idea for a fundraiser that I think would be great for early childhood programs in New York. Then, while folding my laundry this afternoon, I had another idea: I should forget working in the nonprofit world and start my own women's fitness clothing line. Certainly there are many options out there for women's exercise clothes. Yet somehow none seem to be made to meet my needs. A long time ago, I wrote a rant about how fitness pants and shorts for women rarely have pockets. I continue my quest to find bottoms that have pockets that can fit my keys, emergency cash, ID, Kleenex, and gels. Men's bottoms, unless they are tiny jogging shorts, always come with deep pockets. I still do not understand why women's do not. Forget my long list of things I need when I run - doesn't everyone at minimum need a place for keys and ID? Sometimes women's shorts have key pockets or I've found a rare pair of pants with a pocket that could fit key, my ID, and cash. Yet most women's bottoms have no pockets at all.

Also, the length of women's shorts tend to vary between super short and pretty short. I need some serious fabric between my thighs or they chafe. Why are shorts always so damn short? Men not only get pockets, but they have a number of lengths to choose from when selecting shorts. (I did notice a few pair of what I consider normal length shorts at Title IX, but of course only one pair had pockets. Also every pair was over $50, which reminds me that men's shorts also tend to be around $30 or less. And include pockets.) Since I am short, sometimes I can get away with extra large boys shorts. Incidentally, those are fairly cheap and come with pockets, since obviously boys have important things to carry when exercising but women do not.

Which brings me to tops. Men's tops can be form fitting or boxy. Almost all women's tops, especially the kind that are supposed to wick away sweat, are form fitting. I seriously do not need my pooch revealed through these tops. I don't want to feel super self-conscious when I run because my gut is bouncing around for the world to see. I want to hide the damn thing is a loose shirt. Supposedly, the tops are tight to help wick the sweat away, but Husband buys moisture wicking shirts all the time that are not meant to cling to his body and they seem to work just fine. Uh huh.

So, while folding my laundry, I thought I should start my own line of women's fitness clothing. All damn bottoms will come with pockets. The pockets will be deep or have zippers. They will come in a variety of lengths and sizes. Nothing will be form fitting, just loose and comfy. The company will be called COYOTE C.* I just need a shitload of capital and a manufacturer and someone who knows how to design clothes (with pockets)...

*(Cast Off Your Old Tired Exercise Clothes, which I admit is a total rip off of the amazing sex workers' rights organization, COYOTE - Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics, but I like it. It sounds inspiring. Coyotes are fast and not to be trifled with. They will bite your face off if your fuck with them. And I understand that they are fond of pockets.)

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