"I mean fuck already - how many shitballs are there?" - Mayor Carcetti, "The Wire" Seasons Five This will have nothing to do with literal wet spots. (Sorry, pervs.) The thing about wet spots is that they are slightly unpleasant and no one wants to find him/herself in one. That's kind of where I'm at now: a metaphorical wet spot. There's a lot of not great things going on, none of which are really worth going into, but all of which make life pretty uncomfortable these days.

Even politics, which usually gets me fired up, has become tiresome. The attacks on reproductive rights have been so relentless and cruel it's almost a joke. (And there have been some serious news stories that actually read like Onion articles because things are really that absurd.) The one good-ish thing coming out of this mess is that people are, finally, waking up. Back in the 2008 election, I was crushed that I seemed to be one of the few women I knew who thought reproductive rights was a crucial issue. Today, my voice is just a tiny part of the chorus of "sluts" and "prostitutes" (as Rush Limbaugh termed one articulate woman) who are saying that this is an outrage and we won't tolerate it any more.

So I stick with writing my novel in the moments that I can eke out and am simultaneously inspired and I run as much as I can. It's not terribly exciting stuff to write about. However, the number of shitballs out there seems endless, so we all gotta do our best to keep on trucking. I know I won't be in the wet spot forever.