Goodness, the ego! April 15, 1994

Hello! Greetings from Washington, DC! Supposedly, I'm here to look at George Washington University, but I'm just as happy hanging out in the capitol as on campus. At any rate, I saw many interesting things today.

My friend and I went to Porter's office. He was at home (in DC), but we talked to his staff. I applied for an internship position in his home office. It was very interesting.

When we approached the Capitol building, there was a small group protesting government trained assassins. It was thought provoking. I never really gave to CIA operations (actually, that's not true) and whether they still train assassins or not. I began to wonder if those people weren't a bit too affected by "In the Line of Fire," but then I realized that they had a pretty good point. Why does our "democratic" government train killers, anyway?

My friend and I also visited the Supreme Court. We were hoping to see the Court in session, but no such luck. That's how it was with Congress, too. We also stood and gaped at the White House through the bars of the fence. My friend had wanted to go on the tour, but the line was too long and I told her that when I lived there, I'd give her a personal tour of the whole place.

That was pretty much all the government we saw, besides various buildings and embassies. One interesting thing I saw on the GW campus tour, however, was the Uruguayan Embassy. It is located right next door, literally inches away from GW's biggest Freshman dorm. I thought that was vaguely amusing, and wondered if this had anything to do with our diplomatic relations with Uruguay!