Oh, how young I was! My teacher's comment: "Oh, don't be so cynical - there are some success stories, too." If only Mr. Chase could see me now, married for almost 12 years. March 14, 1994

Once again the news talked about a woman who was killed by her husband. He whacked her over the head, sat down, and watched her bleed to death. Last week, a woman disappeared; her body was recently discovered in her estranged ex-husband's house.

Unfortunately, these stories are all too familiar. I read somewhere that 40% of all women who are murdered were killed by their (ex)husbands. And how many women are killed by their boyfriends? I'm not sure, but it's probably a lot. Stalkers are not uncommon and the law doesn't do anything about them. Over and over again I find myself hearing or reading stories about women killed by their lovers.

It's no wonder that I don't want to get married. I could get killed. On the other hand, relationships are just as frightening. I used to be a peer educator on dating violence and I went around talking to high school kids about it. It's scary to see my peers involved in such dangerous relationships already. Then again, it shouldn't really come as any surprise to me: I was in a semi-abusive relationship my sophomore year and I'll tell you, the boy is currently getting worse. I'm pretty scared for his current girlfriend. Someday, I expect to see his face in the news. I have no doubt that he's going to hurt someone very badly in the not-so-distant future. Maybe he'll get help before that happens, but I highly doubt he will.

Anyway, I've also been reading up on dating violence lately. The statistics are scary. I tell you, a girl is better off staying single. Safer, at any rate.