April 20, 1994 Yesterday, I went down to Springfield [IL] to lobby the legislative about Parental Notification laws. I must say it was a very interesting experience! First, I tried to call Schoenberg out of hearings to talk to him, but he wasn't on the floor. So, I crossed the hall to the Senate side and met with Sen. Stern. She is a very nice person, and I presented her with a pro-choice calendar from the NARAL Teen Advisory Council to thank her for support. When I later located Schoenberg, I gave him a calendar as well, and he in turn invited me to a conference he is holding about women. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.

I also got to meet Penny Severns, who is running for Lt. Governor with Dawn Clark Netsch. She was a very nice person as well. We gave her calendar, too. (Hmmm... you know, these very same calendar are available for purchase... only $6 and I'm in it! Hint, hint, if you'd like one...)

Anyway, after talking with Schoenberg, Stern, and Severns, I went around to other senators' offices to give out calendars. One interesting thing I found when doing this was a discrepancy between the Democrats' side and the Republicans' side. The Dems set up was, in the words of my friend, "communal." The secretaries sat in clusters and chatted. They were a diverse bunch, representing a range of ethnicities and ages. The Republicans' side, however, was "like a country club." They had thick, plush carpeting and luxurious furnishings. What I found scary, though, were the secretaries. EVERY SINGLE ONE was young, white, blond, and had a Southern accent. I could not figure out where all these Southern women came from! Are they imported from Tennessee or something?!? It was really creepy!

I finished off my day of lobbying by making an unscheduled stop in Gov. Edgar's office. I left a letter to him explaining why he should veto parental notification bills. I was very proud of myself, although I doubt it really will do any good. But, who knows? It's worth a try!

Oh, one more point of interest. As I sat here writing this entry, I was interrupted by a call from Stern's office. She told her staff to invite me to a brunch with her and her supporters on Sunday, May 1. I was all excited to go, but then I realized that I'd probably fall asleep in my plate becayse prom is the night before. Oh well! There'll be lenty more chances in the future.