While I was at my parents' house, I dug through a storage box of papers that I have in my room. When the folks were visiting me in NYC at the end of October, they regaled my friend with an (embarrassing) tale of a one-woman protest I staged at Marshall Field's department store when I was in high school. (I had read about the terrible attitude the founders of Guess? jeans had toward women in Backlash, and I thought women should stop buying their clothes. I was escorted out, politely, by security.) My friend thought this was great (i.e. - hilarious), so I wondered if I might find one of the fliers I had made up so he could continue to be amused by me. Instead, I found a notebook that I had to keep for a few months as part of my AP Political Science class. The first entry is Jan. 31, 1994, and it runs through April 22. Everything I wrote almost 18 years ago is a topic that I subsequently wrote about on my blog (minus the unshaved snatch stuff, but I would have if it was an issue back then, I bet): abortion rights, income inequality, my hatred of Republican shenanigans, education, Jewishness, genocide, the pressure for women to be thin, etc. I swore a lot. I made little jokes.

On one hand, it is cool to see that I was so passionate and sort of advanced at a young age. On the other, I realized that I have not changed much in 18 years. That's disturbing. Here's a good sample:

America: Land of the Free or the Hypocrites?

March 31

I tell you, the more I learn about this country, the more I hate it. All we are is a bunch of hypocrites. "Equal opportunities for all!" "Land of the free!" "With liberty and justice for all." BULLSHIT! I watch the news, I read, I observe. Very rarely do I find these notions of "democracy" actually in operation. Usually, I see the oligarchy that really runs this country paying lip-service to it.

I was talking to my mom about how disillusioned I am and how I can't stand living here, and she said that compared to other countries, the US is a heaven. I said that I know that, but I can't stand living in the Land of the Hypocrites. Whenever I see some patriotic themed thing, I feel sick to my stomach. It is just a lie.

My mom said that no place is perfect. She said she was worried because of how bitter I already am at such a young age. She told me that I was searching for a utopia and asked me if I was too idealistic. I suppose I am. She told me that idealism is good, and it's how good change is brought about, but when it makes you bitter, it can be very bad. I have that bad mixture in me of idealism and realism. I know how I want it to be (how it should be), but I also know that the powers that be will never, ever let it happen. Hence, I am bitter.

The way America is moving today, with such a gap between the wealthy and poor ever widening, I hope that the discontented masses will rise up and end our past injustices. Oppression must end, in one way or another, and I'm curious to see how it will happen.

Seriously. I wrote this about one month after my 18th birthday, but I will bet that there are at least five posts on this same theme on CUSS. In fact, these are so freakin' topical that I will be posting them up on CUSS over the next few weeks (months?).