From my AP Poli Sci journal: Jan. 31, 1994

I am so damn sick and tired of reading about "Whitewatergate." The whole thing is SO blown out of proportion that it's not even funny. Yes, fine. Maybe the Clintons did a little financial dance or maybe they didn't. I don't care. I can think of many more people who screwed around with money in the '80s and weren't punished. The catch phrase of that sick and decadent ear was aptly coined by Michael Douglas in the movie "Wall Street": "Greed is good." A lot of people, then, deserve to be punished for the '80s.

At any rate, this is nothing compared to the corruption of Ronald Reagan. This man is the ultimate evil.* If he didn't have a role in the Iran Contras, my name is Bob Dole. This man is responsible for the bad shape of our country today. (Actually, I'm getting off the subject.) Why are there no special prosecutors investigating Reagan and Bush for their roles?!? Why are we wasting time on a stupid and annoying issue (Whitewatergate) when these people are getting away with murder? And good old Oli wants to run for Senate?!?! Excuse my language, but these crooks can just kiss my ass.

Another thing that annoys me about this whole every-scandal-from-now-on-must-end-in-the-word-"gate" thing, is that it really undermines what Watergate was about. It was about the President believing that he was above the law - he's the President and can do what he wants. Nixon deliberately subverted the laws he was supposed to defend. How can one compare Clinton to Nixon? One (Clinton) works to make life better for people, while the other (Nixon) used his powers to make his enemies' lives a living hell.

Clinton is a good, for the most part. This "Whitewatergate" (say in dumb guy voice) is just a pathetic effort by Republicans to discredit him. Truly, they've stooped to new lows by biting at every "scandal" that just suddenly conveniently pops up. If I were (stupid enough to be) a Republican, I would be quite embarrassed by my party's desperate measures.**

*Oh man. If only I had known back then what was to come with George W. Bush.... **Ah, the good old days. I almost look back on that level of interaction with fondness. Yeesh.