From the AP Poli Sci journal: Feb. 6, 1994

At the end of World War II, someone promised that "never again" would there be a holocaust like the one that just ended. At the end of World War II, someone invented the word "genocide" to describe what had happened. Yesterday, 68 Bosnians were killed and 200 more injured when a market was bombed. "Ethnic cleansing" the Serbs and Croats call it. Not very much is being done to stop it.

Steven Spielberg has come out with his masterpiece "Schindler's List." He said in an interview that he hoped that people would be moved to action by it. He said that what is happening in Bosnia now, this "ethnic cleansing," is genocide. "Never again" doesn't mean that we will never allow another JEWISH holocaust, it means that we should never allow genocide again. Period.

Someone - a priest I think it was - wrote a poem. He said, "When they came to take away the Jews, I said nothing." It continues about how they kept coming back to take more and more groups, and still he said nothing. It ends with, "Then they came to take away me, and nobody said anything." The Talmud says, "He who saves one life saves the world entire." Spielberg said that he hopes that "Schindler's List" would wake the world, or just one person eve. Because one person makes a difference sometimes.

When I think about what happens in Bosnia, I cry. I see my family's experience. I see people in trouble and the world turning their backs on them. When I think about Bosnia, I get angry. There people want democracy. The world claims to fight for democracy. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, a NONDEMOCRATIC country, we wasted no time getting our asses over there to "defend democracy." Huh?!? Nice try. We just needed to defend our oil interests. We then stood by as the Iraqis slaughtered the Kurds, even though we provoked it. Ah, but silly me! I forgot that oil means more than human life. (Where are all the "pro-life" forces now?)

Silly me! I forgot that some people count more than others. I forgot that "never again" meant, "Well, only if we stand to profit from it." What a beautiful world we live in!