From the journal I kept for my AP Poli Sci class when I was 18: Feb. 21, 1994

In this journal entry I am lodging a formal complaint. "A complaint?" you may ask. Yes, a complain. What I want to complain about is the book we are currently being forced to use. I must point out that this book is unconstitutional. The Constitution clearly states that "cruel and unusual punishment" is forbidden. Yet that is exactly what is going on.

This book is the most boring, annoying, evil thin I've ever attempted to read. I've heard that it is prescribed to insomniacs to put them to sleep. It not only presents the material in the most boring way possible, but also in the most confusing. One second they say class is no factor in British politics, the next second they say it is the most important one. OK. Whatever.

At any rate, I feel that I am speaking for a large majority of the class in lodging my complaint. Maybe I should start a petition or something to formalize it. Yeah. Vive le Democracy.

The teacher's response: Your objections are noted. You should see the book we used to use...!