Another entry from the journal I kept for my AP Poli Sci class when I was 18, and somehow thought I would be involved in politics: Last month at the 25th anniversary celebration of NARAL,* I was asked to give a speech as the representative of the Teen Advisory Council. The speech went well, which is exciting, but to add to the exhilaration I felt, was the fact that I gave a damn great speech in front of so many important political figures. Among the people who heard me speak were Rep. Mary Flowers, John Cullerton, Dick Simpson, Richard Phelan, Dawn Clark Netsch, Maria Pappas, etc. etc. The best thing about it all was it gave me a chance to find out how to get involved in some campaigns. Maria Pappas even gave me her beeper number!

At any rate, today I followed up on one of my leads and went downtown to work on the Dawn Clark Netsch campaign.** I helped prepare a mailing of 10,000 invitations to a $1000 per plate benefit. I stuffed, sealed, and addressed envelopes. While I was doing this, I talked to other volunteers. They were of all ages and both sexes, and were very friendly. We shared our excitement over the latest "Tribune" poll results: Burris had 30%, Netsch 28%, and Phelan 13%. We were doing it! We were helping to close the gap and push our candidate to victory!

I personally liked doing the work because it allowed me to do several things: a) witness and observe first hand how a campaign works and b) make lots of connections for when I run for office in the future. Most important, though, is the feeling I got that I am partially responsible for helping my candidate; that I do and can make a difference!

Anyway, I'm very excited about this whole thing and can't wait to go back! My first chance at voting will be coming up soon, and when I punch my vote for Netsch, I'll feel part of it all!

*National Abortion Rights Action League. **She was running for governor, and pretty much rocked, but lost by a landslide, which crushed me.