It's been a long time, eh? It seems that between my full-time job, research for my novel, writing said novel, and a jillion other things, I don't blog any more. But really, it's more than that. It's Facebook, which lets me say things in two or three sentences. It's the fact that two or three sentences seems to be enough for what I have to say these days, which is a little depressing. (Yeah, I'm more boring than ever - same old, same old worries and complaints. Also, given how much there is to rage about the state of the world, it's hard to work myself up into a good, funny frenzy. The relentless bad news has worn down my rough edges. Is anything shocking at this point?) It's the fact that I haven't read other blogs in ages, either, because I read what my blog peeps are saying on Facebook. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is dead. On Saturday night, I went out to dinner with Husband, Dr. P, and Dr. H's new man friend. While we enjoyed a vegetarian Indian feast, New Man Friend surprised me with a simple question. "Will you write about tonight on your blog?" he asked.

"My blog?" I replied, reflexively.

"Yeah," he said.

I couldn't believe that someone would want to be mentioned on CUSS, although it was nice to hear. (And I hope that he is pleased with post, even if it is very meta.) My cousin and my aunt also asked me what was going on with the old blog. Maybe blogging is not dead. In my case, it is certainly on life support. Still, it can wake from its coma any time I find myself less bored by myself.