To celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, Husband and I went with Dana and Ryan to the Taste of Chicago today.  The heat index was at 100 degrees, so Marcus stayed home with our parents, who were very excited to hang out with him.

Despite the heat, I managed to eat:
-half a Polish sauasage with unions (Bobak Sausage Co)
- bossap sorbet (still not sure what it was, but quite refreshing - Iyanze)
- half a slice of stuffed spinach pizza (Bacino's)
- churro with vanilla sauce (Xocoto)
- nibbles of frozen popcorn ball on a stick (Garrett Popcorn shop)
- nibbles of sweet potato cheesecake and of Cajun meatball (C'est Si Bon)
- nibble of tilapia taco (carbon)
- half a boneless rib sandwich (Robinson's, long one of my favorites)
- half a chocolate chip cheesecake slice dipped in crunchy choclate frozen on a stick (Eli's)
- mac and cheese bite (cubby bear)
- mustard-fried catfish (BJ's Market)
- half a piece of mozzarella garlic bread (Polo Cafe)
- two potato pierogies (Kasia's)
- frozen kefir (Starfruit Cafe)

Depite the layer of salt from sweat dripping into my mouth, everything was great.  We had a nice time gorging and chatting.  It was the perfect way to celebrate our love!