Yesterday Dana and Ryan took Marcus on the city bus to meet me near my office for lunch. On the way down, Dana asked Marcus if he wanted a snack. She had a baggie of "Scooby Snack" Graham Crackers. Each cookie is shaped like a little bone. Marcus said yes, so Dana pulled out the baggie and handed him a cookie. An older woman sitting near them on the bus gasped.

"Excuse but how can you give dog biscuits to your son?" she asked.

"Um, these are graham crackers," Dana told her.

"Oh," the woman said and blushed. Then she started laughing out of embarrassment.

Later, a they recounted the tale, Ryan said that they should have asked her what the problem was, as kids in Iowa eat dog biscuits all the time. We all laughed.

Then, hours later, on the bus on the way home from dinner, Marcus looked at Dana and asked her if he could eat a doggie bone.

My stomach hurt when I finished laughing.