Earlier this afternoon, Dr. H, Dr. P, and I were walking down Columbus Avenue. We just passed Lincoln Center and I was telling the good doctors about how my building needs its boiler replaced. "That sounds expensive," Dr. P said.

"Yeah, it is not going to be pretty," I replied.

Dr. H had wandered off to toward the curb, where a small black Honda SUV was pulled to the side. The passenger window was rolled down. Dr. P and I stopped walking.

"What's she doing?" Dr. P asked.

"Giving directions?" I guessed.

A few seconds later, Dr. H rejoined us. She was frowning slightly. "That was weird," she said. "I heard a woman's voice saying, 'Excuse me, excuse me,' so I went over the the car, thinking that she needed directions. But when I approached the window, she asked me if we were New Yorkers."

"What?" Dr. P and I said.

"Yeah, she asked if we were New Yorkers. I said, 'Yes, we are New Yorkers. Are you lost? Can I help you find something?' Then she said no, giggled, and pulled away."

Paula and I concurred that was very weird. "Was someone in the car with her?" I asked.

"No, she was a small Asian woman who was alone."

We shook our heads and continued to walk. You never really know what will happen in New York.