As I passed by the local sex shop on my way home from work yesterday, I looked over to see what interesting little costume they had in the window. It was empty. The store was gone. I was devastated. I rarely went into this store, and the two or three times I did, once I couldn't find what I wanted. I still thought it served a valuable need in the neighborhood. It was a reminder that people of all classes have sexual urges.

Like when my diner closed a few weeks ago because the building was being torn down for luxury condos, I feel sad that this neighborhood has gone from gentrified to luxurified to the point where there's only super expensive shit or chain stores. I am certain that the local sex shop will be replaced with some hideous children's clothing boutique or a yoga studio or something like that since that is what has come into basically every empty store (or it will just sit empty, which is another problem). Bah.

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