Last night, my sister needed to clean up the kitchen, so she set Marcus, her two year old son, down on the couch and turned on the TV. Since he tends to be transfixed by the television, she figured he would not get into trouble while unsupervised. Before she headed into the kitchen (which is right next to their living room), she noticed that he was sitting quietly with his hands shoved down his pants. Typical for a toddler watching TV. Some time passed before Marcus appeared in the kitchen, holding his hands out. "What's this, Mama?" he asked using his most innocent voice.

My sister looked at him. His hands were covered with something... brown. "Marcus, is that poo poo?" she asked as calmly as she could.

He smiled. "Yes, Momma! It is poo poo!"

I guess Dana passed his test by recognizing what it was. And people wonder why I don't want my own kiddies.