Some time in 2006, Husband went to an investor conference and returned home with an iPod Shuffle. He already had a regular iPod, so he asked me if I wanted it. At the time, I mainly watched TV while I worked out at the gym, but it was free, so I took it. Immediately I did what any self-respecting 30 year old woman would do: I decorated the slim stick with PowerPuff Girl stickers. My favorite, Buttercup, went on the front, covering the private equity firm's name. Two little stickers (an amoebic villain and Bubbles) were stragecally placed over the Apple logos. I loaded lots of Madonna, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Dido onto it, then added random pop crap from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. It was very exciting to have such a high tech music machine.

About a month ago, I noticed that the machine was not charging fully when I slipped it into the USB port. It had not synced properly for years, so I had not updated the music in ages, but that didn't bother me. The lack of charge was a bigger problem. When I thought it was charged and went to run, it sometimes turned out to not be charged, and I had to run without music.

Generally, that was not too awful, but as the date of my half marathon rapidly approaches (THIS SUNDAY!), I realized that running 13 miles while listening to the sound of my panting was not a very enticing prospect. So, although I hated to replace my machine, I went to the Apple store this afternoon. I was pleased to see that the iPod shuffles have dropped $100 since they first debuted. I liked that it would clip on to my shirt or pants so I need not waste precious limited pocket space (when stupid manufacturer's even bother putting in pockets). I liked that it was a shiny blue. It even holds four times more songs than my old one.

What I do not like is that I cannot figure out how to get it to sync with my computer so that the music plays alphabetically by artist rather than song. Also that I seem to be unable to avoid hitting buttons when adjusting the clip. I hate that the USB port is a little thing I have to plug in and then it hangs off the computer like a limp dick, and I'll be screwed if I lose the stupid connector. The small size also offers less surface area for PowerPuff Girl stickers. (I did cut one down a bit, though, so at least I have a little personal touch on it.)

As much as I like to think that I am flexible and can adapt to change, the truth is that I'm a creature of habit. Even if my old habit is not as nifty or convenient as the shiny next version, I will prefer my semi-functional comfort to whatever is new. (I'm barely over surrendering my StarTAC cell phone in 2006, although I am not going to lie - I really love getting emails and internet service on my phone. I just wish it made better calls. Sigh.)

Anyway, so that's the excitement here. Now that Memorial Day is over, I'm just looking forward to the half marathon, then having two days off work* for Shavuout so that I can go to the library and do some research on Warsaw. Maybe I'll even be able to listen to music while I do these things.

*FYI: I am trying to keep things mild here at CUSS now that I have this new job.