A headline in today's Wall Street Journal promised an article that would explain the difference between women's and men's tears. Really? Why is this interesting or important? I wrote about something similar (possibly even the same; I don't know since I didn't read today's article) back in January at BlogHer. Perhaps I should not complain about an article I did not read, but I'm sick and tired of "news" and "studies" that trumpet the difference between males and females. What would be totally interesting and different would be some findings that show how men and women are similar. Since men and women are both human, I believe that we have a lot more in common than we have differences, and these "studies" are just ways to enforce gender stereotypes and discrimination.

It's not that I think men and women are exactly the same. Our bodies work differently in some ways that might affect our health, behavior, and thought patterns. However, isn't that true of individuals? Just because two people are women doesn't mean their bodies function exactly like the other, that they enjoy the same things, and that they have the same values.

Focusing on differences doesn't add value to our understanding of humanity without a counterbalancing look at how we are the similar. At the end of the day, we're all human.

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