The Royal Wedding may have the attention of millions of people around the globe, but mine is, as always, focused on my nephew. Two years ago today, my cell phone rang in the morning. The caller ID said it was my sister, who was 7.5 months pregnant, which concerned me. Why would Dana be calling when she should be at work unless something was wrong?

Indeed, her water broke that morning. Dana wanted me to know that she was going to the hospital. We were all worried because it was six weeks earlier than the baby's due date, but hopefully everything would turn out OK.

Marcus was born that evening and weighed 5 pounds, 2.5 ounces, which led me to conclude that the doctors got his due date wrong. Can you imagine if he had another six weeks of gestation? He would have been at least ten pounds! He did her a favor by arriving early. What a thoughtful little fetus!

Everything seemed fine until he came down with NEC a few weeks later and had to be hospitalized. That was awful. But I'll not dwell on it here because it all worked out and today he is a super smart, adorable toddler. Certainly, I am biased, but his child care provider told my sister that he is the smartest kid she has ever cared for. Yes, I am kvelling! I so love this little goober!

Anyway, I cannot wait to celebrate Marcus's birthday tomorrow with the family. In the meantime, I hope that my nephew has a very happy birthday today. He has brought so much joy to everyone in our family and others who are privileged enough to spend time with him.

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