That little joke I made yesterday (but somehow did not publish to my blog until a few minutes ago) about eating lobster rolls over Passover? I am definitely sorry. It was not funny to joke about endangering my soul, although I am not going to lie: I really, really wanted a lobster roll for dinner. (Instead, I ate a crisp bread sandwich of herbed turkey and cheddar - not exactly kosher for Passover, either, I know - and plain microwave popcorn.) Now that I have semi-repented for my sacrilegious ways, I hope that the plagues will stop raining down on me. Last week I developed an annoying rash which continues to annoy me (the allergist thought it was a mild case of hives). Husband and I were forced to kill to water bugs/roaches on Sunday. This morning the third plague revealed itself.

I swore that I saw something dash from the kitchen pantry under the stove while I made breakfast, but was not sure if it was a shadow, a figment of my imagination, or something small with multiple legs. Regardless, it would not hurt to put out more MaxForce insect killer, I decided. When I opened the pantry door, I was surprised to see shredded parts of a bag of pita chips on the ground.

"That's odd," I thought as Maurice the Brain Hamster began running faster on the wheel that powers my brain. "Roaches don't tear things up..."

Right. As I picked up the bag of pita chips (something that does not belong in my home over Passover anyway), I surprised the little gray mouse nibbling on a chip behind it. We both screamed (OK, I screamed loud enough for both of us), and he/she ran out of the pantry under the stove while I stood in place screaming.

The irony of this Passover plague saga is two-fold. First, if I had cleaned out the chametz, the mouse would not be eating it. I suspect the mouse would starve to death because matzah and other pre-packaged Passover foods are gross. Second, when Husband and I attended a lovely Seder on Monday night, someone shared a story of finding a mouse stuck on a glue trap in her apartment and how awful it was. Of course I thought that I was glad that I never had had to deal with mice. Of course.

I don't even want to know what comes next.