If blogs were part of a system of protective services, I would be reported for neglect. One thing that surprised me when I entered my MFA program in the fall of 2008 were how many students did not blog. I could not imagine not blogging. It was my daily writing exercise and my brain dump. I often got ideas for longer stories from my posts. Yet, over two years later, I realize that it is hard to blog and write longer works at the same time. When it takes me almost a whole day to come up with one double-spaced page, it is hard for me to sit down and write a few more paragraphs. Plus, to be honest, nothing really interesting is going on. I run a lot, as I am preparing to participate in a half marathon in June. I also read the newspaper over breakfast and think mean thoughts. (Examples: "If Americans want to live in a third world country, who am I to stop them?" or "I hope the Republican fanatics get their way and ban private health insurance plans from offering abortion coverage so middle-class women will wake up and realize what it is already like for women who need a medical procedure and can't get one because of money. Then maybe things will change.") Then I read books about Warsaw in the 1920s and 1930s and compare things to today. It is fascinating to note that illegal abortions were rampant in those days (and that it is easier to get an illegal abortion in Poland today than it is to get a legal one in some places in the US).

I also realized that because many of our elected officials are batty, they probably are also rabid. It is the only logical explanation I can come up with for why so many horrendous policies are being proposed and passed. Rabies! Incidentally, I share my birthday Louis Pasteur, the man who invented the rabies vaccine. He also invented pasteurization. I always thought that was cool, although these days people hate life-saving vaccines and are convinced that pasteurization is unnecessary despite the fact that people used to die all the time from various illnesses and get sick from bacteria in milk. Strange days, I say.

See? Crazy, albeit typical, thoughts. Nothing worth writing about, but I will try and be more attentive to my blog. It's what got me infected with the writing bug in the first place.

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