My sister emailed me to let me know that she was disappointed that I have not been blogging more often. She is a first grade teacher and on her spring break, and she said that she used her time to catch up with CUSS. She also said that she understood that I was busy working on the book, though. The book is making slow, but important progress. I am carefully re-reading The Family Moskat by Isaac Bashevis Singer and taking notes. It is set in Warsaw from about 1912 to 1939, so I am looking for details about life in the city at that time. What did people wear? What sounds did people hear in the streets, in the hallways of their apartment buildings, and in the markets? What did it all smell like? The book has yielded many important insights. I only fear that I may wind up a plagiarist. Next, I will re-read Shosha, also by Singer by set in the 1930s, and his three memoirs. I've written about 21 pages so far, most of it new material for the fiction part of the book. My writing group met tonight to discuss it, and they thought I had made a good start.

All this is extremely good because what I think of as my real career has come to a dead halt. I have a teeny bit of consulting work, but have only had one phone interview for a job. I have no idea if they will ask me to come in for a fuller interview. I love writing, but it is really my hobby. I'll always want to do it, but probably not full-time. Even if this book (which I am tentatively calling "Family Reunion") is finished, published, and a miraculous best-seller, I will want to work in public service. It is my calling. It is what interests me most. So, I am grateful that I have the time to do the hard work on the book, but still worrying that I will never again work full-time in my field.

I'm fortunate to be off to London on Friday night, and hope that a week of tea, scones, and Mars Bars will do me well psychically. To offset the scones and Mars Bars, I'll also run in Hyde Park, which I am quite excited for. British endorphins!

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