When St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland, they came to the US (or some stayed in Ireland) as anti-choice legislators. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by sponsoring me as I raise money to help women access abortion services denied to them by the anti-choice snakes. Even as little as $10 - the cost of a few beers - helps. If you live in NYC or will be here on April 17, you can also join the team. The money we raise will support the New York Abortion Access Fund, which offered $50,000 last year to women who needed abortions but could not afford them. (This is up from $7,000 in 2007, thanks to the failing economy, the horrendous reproductive anti-health policies of the snakes, and other factors.) Bowling and other fundraising events are taking place across the country in April, so non-New Yorkers can support their local abortion funds, too.

When I visited my cousin in Dublin last September, I did not have a chance to see St. Patrick's well. (It is adjacent to the Anglican St. Patrick's Cathedral. Incidentally, Anglicans do not have an official position on abortion). If I had, I would have taken a moment to hope that St. Patrick could perform his miracle again and drive the anti-choice snakes out of women's lives.