I went with my sister and father to Costco on Sunday morning.  Dana wanted to fill her car with gas before driving back to Iowa, and my mom suggested that she stock up on diapers as long as we were there.  We finished getting gas at 9:53 am, but the store did not open until 10:00.

We pulled into the lot, expecting to be the first people there.  To our surprise the lot was a quarter full.  At least two dozen people lined up at the door.  "Damn," I said.  "You'd think there was some sort of doorbusters sale going on."  We stayed in the car and watched people streaming from the lot in all directions.

The doors opened and the growing crowd surged forward.  My dad sprang out of the car.  "Hurry," he said.  "It's open!"  I guess this is rush hour in north suburban Chicago.