Given that I am only semi-employed, I thought I should take advantage of my time and try to advance my writing. I have two stories that are (more or less) polished and (mostly) good for the right, discriminating, classy, and wonderful literary magazine to publish. I've been doing research to find this elusive magazine and sending stories out to what I hope are good candidates. Thus far, I have two rejections, both of which came not long after I submitted the work; one publication that has been considering a story for over four months now, which is way better than an immediate rejection and excites me; and three submissions that I just sent so it is too early to know. As a person from a non-literary world, my second biggest struggle (after writing) is understanding how these places work. I decided that I should attend the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in DC. Not only will the expo have tons of literary magazines to peruse and editors to chat up (assuming I garner the courage to do so; I suck at these things), but I can also go back to the US Holocaust Museum to do research.

I booked a bus ticket leaving this morning at 7:30. I am hoping that the rush hour traffic will not add too much time onto my 4.5 hour bus ride, but I am bringing extra materials to occupy myself (should I not fall asleep) just in case. A few weeks ago, Husband put "Shoah," a nine hour Holocaust documentary, onto my laptop at my request. Not to be glib, but that should not only occupy me on a loooooong bus ride that I hope will not be too looooong, but also get me in the right mind frame (I know that sounds horrible) for my afternoon at the Museum.

Hopefully no one will be sitting next to me on the bus as I bawl my eyes out and my nose runs everywhere. I can't imagine that would be a pleasant experience, although at least I'll be quiet about it. Husband once took a bus from New York City to visit me in Chicago (I know!) and sat next to someone who hocked up mucus in a bag for 10 hours until he disembarked in Cleveland to change buses at 4 am. This also makes me grateful for the 1 Comment