Almost every morning, I ruin my breakfast because I read the newspaper while eating. The obvious lesson is to stop reading the newspaper while eating breakfast, but I'd just ruin something else - like my lunch or dinner or afternoon break - if I postponed it. Perhaps the solution is not to read the paper at all. Ignorance is bliss. (I think this is at least 50% of why I feel better when I am on vacation - no reading of news...) This morning, I came across a disingenuous article about religious leaders (primarily, in the article, the Archbishop of New York) saying we need to lower the abortion rate in New York City. There is no mention, of course, of the Catholic Church's opposition to using birth control - including condoms. If there's one thing that would absolutely help lower the need for abortions it is accessible, affordable birth control options and proper education on how to use them. But the Catholic Church isn't into that.

Nor is the uber conservative rich dude who sponsored the forum at which religious leaders could pretend that their practices do not in any way, shape, or form lead to the need for abortions. Sean Fieler plans to spend millions to support and open evil pregnancy "counseling" centers to lie to women about their reproductive options and the consequences of each choice. Supposedly they also give pregnant women financial support to carry pregnancies to term, but I find it hard to believe that they truly cover what it costs to have a baby. Do they pay for all the health care? Transportation to and from doctor appointments? Maternity clothes? Nutritious foods? Rent so that she can live in a healthy and safe environment? Unemployment when the woman can't work? What if she is hurt by the pregnancy? Will they support her health and basic needs for the rest of her life?

Does Sean Fieler support child care subsidies? Welfare? Food stamps? Universal health insurance? Affordable housing? (At least Catholic Charities does support families with affordable housing, food and nutrition services, and child care, but since the Catholic Church - other than an awesome group of nuns - opposed universal health care, they have no right to say they fully support the lives of children and families, either.)

Of course, I suspect Sean Fieler, like Archbishop Dolan, thinks that women who can't afford babies should just give them up for adoption. While adoption can be amazing and I know several families who have been able to benefit from this most generous act, it is a dangerous fallacy that every adoption has a fairy tale ending. Real counseling - not that bullshit offered by Fieler's centers - may be required. In addition, the idea that there are zillions of people waiting to adopt any infant that comes along is ludicrous. Gross as it may be, people want healthy white babies. If that is not available, they'll take a healthy Asian baby. The lighter the skin, the easier a baby is to adopt. And even if cross color adoptions are options, there are other long term consequences that must be addressed. Are Sean Fieler or Catholic Charities or any of the other religious "leaders" paying for those services?


Then they need to shut the fuck up until they acknowledge the full range of consequences of carrying an pregnancy to term. Abortion may not be great - I would hope no one is ever in a situation in which she needs one - but there's a reason so many women choose it. Ironically, it takes compassion to understand that.