Five years ago when I started blogging, the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants was the perfect title for my efforts. I wanted the space to share my sometimes offensive, sometimes outrageous, sometimes obnoxious thoughts on the ridiculous standards and pressures that people face in the US these days. The title was a grab for attention in a crowded field of blogger blogs. I thought that the only people who would ever want to link to it would not be deterred by the title. Over time, however, I turned down opportunities to participate in various blog activities because the parties behind the show wanted me to drop the "Campaign for Unshaved Snatch" part of the title. I understood their concerns, but declined to do so. It didn't matter to me that CUSS wasn't syndicated or part of an ad network. The blog was what it was.

This past week, though, I realized that my post on blood libel and Sarah Palin had potential to go further, but that the blog title probably discouraged people from reading it. (Maybe.) Whether that was true or not, I really haven't written about bikini waxing in a long time. I still find it vile on a personal level, but unless some new terrible trend pops up, I said what I needed to say. My posts have been so much more about family, Judaism, politics, racism, and yes, other rants these days.

It's time to retire the original, full title. Oh, I'll still use my logo and sticker (which I adore), but I'll just be CUSS. (I'll still swear, so the CUSS part is relevant.) I may or may not reapply to the ad network that rejected the application they solicited from me years ago. I'll continue exploring in short posts what bothers or excites me, what I hate and what I love, who I hate and who I love, and hopefully even continue to improve the quality of the writing on the site. Some posts will be sad, some funny (I hope), some obnoxious, and some outrageous. The day I begin to bore myself (and/or the people kind enough to read CUSS) is the day I'll call it quits. Hopefully that is a long time from now, though.