The sales dude at the publishing house says it is not out of print. So that's good... If, by any chance, you or anyone you know would love a hard copy of Off the Beaten (Subway) Track, my book about unusual things to see and do in New York City, get it while you can. (The link is to Barnes & Noble, which still has some copies in stores. Borders does as well, and some museum gift shops may also.) Why the rush? I checked it on Amazon yesterday to see how sales were going (as I often do) and noticed that they no longer had any in stock. In the past when they were out, a notice appeared saying that more were coming soon. This time, it says you can order it for Kindle or from other sellers. The other sellers with new copies were charging over $100.

Fuck, I thought. It's out of print. On the other hand, I guess it says something that it sold out of all copies in about two years. Not that I knew how many copies were printed in the first place. (The original publisher said they had no idea how many copies they printed. I suspect this is part of why they are out of business and had to sell the undetermined quantity to my new publisher.) Still, it had to be more than 2,000 based on my royalty statements. Which I haven't received in over six months. Sigh.

When I saw my awesome lit agent friend at a reading last night, I asked her what she thought. She said that it was either out of print or nearly so. When she took a look at my contract, she also told me that I was in a no man's land, as there was nothing about what happened to the rights of the book when it went out of print or if something available solely on Kindle is even considered to still be in print. I want(ed) to cry.

So, the cheesy sales pitch: Want to read a mostly funny, sometimes poignant account of the places I went and people I met while visiting 100 off the beaten track or unusual sites in New York City? Sure you do! Sixteen glowing reviews on Amazon (and one negative review that is actually a positive review, "...the book doesn't really lay out general information and most of the attractions in the book are very odd" - yes, that is exactly what it said it will be about, so thank you for verifying it did) can't be wrong! Buy your copy at a fine bookstore near you today! Don't delay or the subway will pull out of the station without you!