If I were left to my own devices, I would be a furniture hoarder. I love furniture. Couches are OK, but there is something about a nice piece of wood furniture that gets me excited. So gleaming! So sleek! The thing is, whenever we need some new piece of furniture, I am loathe to throw the old piece out and try to repurpose it. For example, when we got a new dining room table and chairs on sale (amazing deal, something like $700 for six chairs and the table, all real wood with fancy cushions on the chairs), I moved our old dining room table (a compact piece from Crate & Barrel that we got from a group of friends for our wedding) into the living room and called it my writing desk. Two of the four blond wood chairs from that set became my writing table chair and the computer desk chair. It didn't matter to me that the wood matched only that of our Ikea computer desk (great deal - $59 in 2000 and it lasted through a move and holds up very well today).

When we got our new purple couch, I had to throw out a side table that I scavenged from the garbage room at my old apartment building (the couch is longer than the old one, so there was not enough room), and it nearly broke my heart. It had a funky inlay pattern. Same story with the broken-ish rocking chair I got at a street sale for $5 when we took a road trip to Boston in 2003. Oh, how I loved that thing even though the arm would come off and I feared falling backward when I rocked a little too hard.

Anyway, as a DINK (double income, no kids) couple, Husband and I have upgraded recently to some nicer stuff than Ikea or things I find the trash, which given the bedbug infestation in NYC, I would no longer take. In 2008, we picked up a stained black bookcase from Gothic Cabinet & Craft. We bought a nifty, very dark (someday I will learn what wood is what, but the stains and finishes confuse me) trunk coffee table from Crate & Barrel in 2009. Neither match the dining room/writing table, computer desk, unfinished light wood stackable bookcases, "Sverker" (the small unfinished wood Ikea shelving unit that is piled with junk of the paper, tape, scissors, and battery ilk), or the medium brown bookcase that I found on the street in 2003, but that is how I like it.

The motley crew became more so when we selected a new TV hutch this weekend. It might be our nicest piece of furniture yet. I am very excited to have it. Yesterday the smell of fresh wood tickled my nostrils whenever I walked by it:

And of course, it matches absolutely nothing. I love that Husband does not mind that we look like we live in some sort of fancy thrift shop. His colleagues probably live in big houses with immaculate, matching furniture sets in every room, but I would feel out of place in something so, well, normal. This hodgepodge feels like home.