I took this picture on a miserable day in March two years ago. I reran it on a miserable day in February last year. Now it makes its debut for 2011 in January. (I'm thinking that next year it will be December based on trends, although if I had been in NYC during the late December blizzard, I suppose it would have shown up already.)

On the day I snapped this picture, I was leaving my apartment for work. I was already in a foul mood for a variety of reasons, but the car with the tiny snowman on top made me stop in my tracks and smile. It was parked directly in front of my building and I could see through the glass paneled doors before I stepped outside. It was just what I needed to get going.

I reposted it today because it still makes me smile. We had about 11 inches of snow overnight, which is a lot of snow for New York City to deal with. I know that my Chicago-area hometown would maybe find it not such a big deal, but generally New York has a milder winter. So while I grew up with lots of snow, coping with it in New York is actually a lot harder. Sometimes, though, I think it is worse here when the snow all melts than when it is just mountains of snow to climb over in order to cross the street or board a bus. The puddles and slush are often deceptive on the street, so they look shallow but when I put my foot down, it is engulfed in cold wetness up to my ankle.

For now, I'll not think about the snow and it's aftermath or how this is going to blow a hole in our already tenuous city budget, leading to cuts in other services down the line. (I know that in the US, cities are supposed to clean up snow at all costs, but Husband went to Helsinki a few years ago, and was amazed to find that everyone just walked - in regular dress shoes - on piles of snow because cleaning the snow all the time was not cost efficient. They were just used to it and accepted it. I believe in Denmark people ride their bikes through snow in winter. Hearty people, I tell you!) Instead, I will look at this cute little snowman and smile.

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