I wrote a post for BlogHer a few minutes ago about a lawsuit filed by several chapters of NOW in California against Hooters. (I don't know when the post will go up, but Broadsheet has the details.) As I spun my words, I worked myself up into a frenzy. I hate Hooters. What a disgusting, stupid place. I know that all the defenders out there think that bitchy feminists like me need to relax and take a joke, but I don't fucking find it funny. As I stewed over the idea that it's just a joke, I started thinking about Hooters logo: What's his name? I couldn't find one. Why does he have to stare at women nonstop? Isn't he tired? Doesn't he look depressed? Why aren't animal rights activists fighting for this exploited owl? What could I do to make a difference in this little owl's life?

That's when I decided to form a new group to take action, Save Hooters Little Owl, Girls! (SHLONG!) I also thought it was important that the owl have a name, so I dubbed him Woody. SHLONG!'s logo is going to be poor little Woody, clutching to an erect branch with his talons. Members of SHLONG! commit to using social media to agitate for Woody's freedom. I hope that you will join me this holiday season to save Woody before he shrinks and goes limp from overuse. Losing a good woodland creature is a tragedy.