The following invitation appeared in my inbox on Friday afternoon:

Dear Ms. Reisman and Ms. Adams,

It is with great pride that I would like to invite you each to the launch of the SS Pedro Lavaplatos at High Noon on Saturday, December 11, 2010. This vessel commemorates stemware and flatware cleaner Pedro Lavaplatos, a legend in restaurant kitchens across Manhattan Island. This marks the first inauguration of a soap stick at my residence in many years. Build from composite plastics and sponge, the SS Pedro Lavaplatos (see attached photo) brings the capability to clean glasses, pitchers, vases, bottles, carafes, tea pots, the genitals of our guests, sippy cups sports bottles, muffin pans and more.

I hope you will find time to join me for the auspicious occasion.

Warmest regards,

Husband, Dish Cleaning Enthusiast & Spectator

Steph and I accepted the invitation. It was quite the event. We each wore a fancy hat with our pajamas. Husband sang the national anthem while playing the banjo and using a harmonica. I took an extremely low quality video while Steph took pictures. A plastic Gladware container and spoon were washed successfully. It was very exciting.