A quality story from my friend Dr. F: I was with Bobby* waiting for my dad outside a store. Bobby was in his stroller and this day he chose to wear his pink cap and carry his favorite pink cup. While we were waiting this woman came up stood in front of Bobby and said, "Your daughter is darling. What is her name?" I said, "My son's name is Bobby."

She then went on to ask, "Why is HE wearing a pink hat and carrying a pink cup?" I told her it was none of her business but it happens to be his favorite hat and cup. She did the tsk tsk noise and shook her head, saying, "That's why they get confused." I was about to give her a piece of my mind and trying not to introduce her to my fist when out of nowhere Bobby kicked her in the shin. As she looked down at him, he pointed to his crotch and screamed, "BALLS!" She was shocked and said, "What?!?!" He looked at her, pointed again to his crotch and said very calmly, "Balls." Then Bobby ignored her and went back to drinking his juice. I was laughing so hard and I said to her, "Nope, don't think he's confused at all. Have a nice day!" She walked away mumbling something.

Later when I told Jeremy** what Bobby did and said, he said to me, "And you thought teaching him balls wouldn't come in handy."

*Name changed to protect the precocious. **Name changed to protect the husband.