Husband and I came to my parents' house over Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with the family, particularly since my sister and my nephew also came in. Everyone except for me left on Sunday. I remained so that I could spend more time with my grandmothers, interview family members about our family history, and scan family photos. It's been very productive. I found this Polaroid at my grandmother's house today: My bubbe (my dad's mother) is sitting on the arm of the couch, my grandmother (my mom's mother) is next to her, my grandfather (my dad's father) has his arm around her, and my great grandmother (my mother's father's mother) is on the right. I'm the goober in the red shirt in front.

As I studied it this evening, I noticed something odd. I brought it to my mom. "Doesn't it look like Grandpa is squeezing Grandma's boob?" I asked her.

"Yeah." She paused. "That's probably why he's smiling so much."